Router Login, Guide for Admin & Password Router Login: IP address is the most common amongst all default gateways for almost 75% ASDL modems and wireless routers. They’re commonly referred to as host addresses, these IP (Internet Protocols) are the default addresses in which a computer is identified amongst the others on the internet. In networking addressing in the IP address, there is a host ID portion through which the host can be identified on the network through network ID is that portion which refers to the network itself. Here in this article you can find some helpful information on how to access your router and change your router password.

What can be done with

If you want to access your router fill in in the address bar of your browser. Now, when you have accessed your router admin panel, you can easily put in adjustments in several options like- IP, DNS, QoS, LAN, Proxy, WAN, security options, WLAN settings, network management, MAC, DSL, WPS, PPPOE, and also DHCP client.

How to login address:

  1. On your browser’s address bar, type Http:// manually. If is not the IP address of your router then find your IP address.
  2. Now, enter your username and your password to login into your router.
  3. If you don’t remember your username or password read below. Router Login Router Login

There are many default router usernames and passwords available all over the internet, try to check out your username and password and give this a try.

What to do if you forget your router’s username and password:

  1. If you have never changed your router’s username and password and you don’t know it then try finding it in the label and also find your router’s serial number and your router’s login address.
  2. If you have ever changed the password or the username of your router and have forgotten it then you will simply have to reset your router or modem to factory settings. In every wireless router or ADSL modem there is always a hidden reset button, try finding it. In order to turn on the router to factory settings, you will need to hold on to the button for about 10 seconds, you can use a needle, a toothpick or even a used off the rifle.

Change your IP address through router:

A private Internet Protocol (IP) address is always provided by a router for the device’s network. To change the IP address, you’ll have to open the configuration page of your router. Then –

  • Open up your LAN setup section, you’ll easily find it as LAN host settings, the words for this section can be different depending on the brand of the router used.
  • Then search for address reservation section.
  • Now, when you find it, you can easily assign permanent IP now.
  • From the list of connected devices select your device, you can manually enter it through the device’s MAC address and name if you can’t see it.
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